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Hologic Engineering Lab Technician 3 in Newark, Delaware

As part of the Breast and Skeletal Health Software Engineering Group we team up, blurring geographical boundaries, to develop custom software for all of our industry-leading products. The Genius 3D Digital Mammography system (http://www.hologic.com/products/imaging/mammography/selenia-dimensions-mammography-system) – which detects on average 41% more invasive breast cancers and is the only mammogram approved by the FDA as superior for women with dense breasts – features all-new multi-discipline engineering designs as a joint effort between our Delaware and Connecticut offices. Under the hood are a dozen embedded controllers performing dedicated functions such as precise motor movement, temperature control, and shaping of X-Ray beams. All of these controllers are in constant real-time communication with each other. We also develop the user interface application for the Genius system, a Windows 10 system that includes parallel-processing on GPUs and Artificial Intelligence.

Are you looking to learn (and leading as you learn) key skills in supporting production software development such as specifying, building, and imaging PC units; creating system images to support testing; configuring, maintaining, and diagnosing problems with gantry hardware… all while positively impacting Women’s health all over the world?

On any one day you might:

  • Perform preventative or reactive maintenance on a state-of-the-art mammography system, coordinating with Service Engineering for the replacement of mechanical and electrical components

  • Perform complex technical tasks to assist development engineers with electrical, mechanical, software, and system design

  • Use an oscilloscope or DVM to identify and trace issues in the electronics/wiring of these system in conjunction with electronics engineers

  • Create and install system software images from controlled release areas in preparation for formal Verification & Validation

  • Collaborate with the Systems Quality Assurance team to initiate, monitor, and report the results of automated test runs

  • Perform manual testing to reproduce customer issues as needed

  • Troubleshoot and document problems uncovered by Manufacturing or Field Service

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Be the point of contact for all system updates (electrical/mechanical/software) to products under development

  • Maintain an inventory of all systems and their accessories

  • Coordinate physical install/uninstall of systems

  • Build and image PC units – install disk drives, CPU, Memory, Graphics & PCI cards etc. as determined. Load software images. Installing update. Basic functional tests. Document process and results.

  • Install new/updated mechanical and electrical parts for systems, coordinated with service engineering as needed

  • Install applications software on PC and gantry. Creating system images for reload and upgrade testing. Documenting process and test results.

  • Configure and maintain gantry hardware.

  • Perform complete calibration of all systems as required prior to formal V&V cycles

  • Communication of all system states and changes, including development of a system/process for broadcast and reference of those changes (e.g. SharePoint site with history of all changes for each system over time)

  • Gantry systems diagnosis, aiding engineers in the diagnostic process while documenting both process and results.

  • Diagram and analysis of lab layout – systems, accessories, storage, workspaces – including proposing and implementing changes to enhance tester and developer workflow

  • Initiation and monitoring of automated test runs, reporting of results to the SW/SQA team for analysis

  • Search for software defects and potential improvements, and document defects with clear steps to reproduce

  • Perform complex technical tasks to assist other engineers with software and system design

  • Develop and execute test procedures to qualify OS patches and anti-virus software

  • Maintain/manage engineering’s small inventory of spare parts


  • Good understanding and demonstration of basic engineering and troubleshooting principles

  • Knowledge of basic wiring and electronic equipment maintenance techniques

  • Understanding of schematic and design requirements documents to be able to isolate and diagnose complex system interaction issues.

  • Ability to precisely follow written Field Modification Instructions (FMIs), Test Procedures (TPs), or Verification Procedures (VEPs).

  • General computer knowledge, including operating systems, software systems, and networking.

  • General understanding of computer programming

  • Good understanding of the Windows Operating System, especially network configuration and software installation

  • Mastery of using Microsoft Office applications, web browsers, and collaboration applications to conduct daily work

  • Excellent communication skills in Written and Spoken English


  • Associate’s Degree in Computer Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, or other technical or engineering degree, or comparable experience.


  • 2-5 years’ work experience

Specialized Knowledge/Additional Details

  • Must occasionally lift and/or move equipment weighing up to 30 pounds

  • Some travel (5%) may be required for training, etc.

Agency and Third-Party Recruiter Notice:

Agencies that submit a resume to Hologic must have a current executed Hologic Agency Agreement executed by a member of the Human Resource Department. In addition, Agencies may only submit candidates to positions for which they have been invited to do so by a Hologic Recruiter. All resumes must be sent to the Hologic Recruiter under these terms or they will not be considered.

Hologic, Inc. is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer inclusive of disability and veterans.